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In 5.0 Models Management Agency we have our section for child models.

If you want to enhance the skills of your child and help him/her take off on a possible model career, fill in the registration form and attach three photographs of him/her. We are looking for child models from babies to 14 year olds (for those over this age, please contact us at Become a model)

It is not necessary to send professional photographs, the important thing is that we can see the child and is displayed in a natural way. Please include close-up and whole body photos and, if you have long hair, put it up in one of them, in order to see his/her features.

If we are interested, we will contact you within a maximum period of 15 working days and make an appointment to meet, both parents and child. You can find more information in the section of this page, FAQs.

We look forward to meet you and know your little star!

The photos we need you to attach are:

  1. 1. A close-up picture.
  2. 2. A close-up picture.
  3. 3. Whole body picture.

The allowed format for images is JPG, GIF y PNG, with a maximum size of 1,5 Mb per photo.


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    1. What does being a child model mean?
    Being a child model can be exciting for the little ones who enjoy doing something they love, develop their creativity and talents. It is important to have demonstrated, in any way, their interest and ability to work as a model, so that this activity is to them as an extracurricular activity, and above all, they enjoy it. If you discovered in the child an early vocation, you shall give them the opportunity to meet this working sector and prepare them for their future career.
    Despite the great importance of the stated above, we must not forget that this is a job that entails obligations and requires commitment. In the case of children, subtracting hours or your personal study time and, in the case of parents or legal guardian, making a commitment to accompany the child to the calls that have confirmed their attendance. It must be noted that in most cases, the casting calls are made at very short notice, requiring labour flexibility.
    Just as adults undertake to comply with their labour obligations, without forgetting that models are a part of the advertising gear as part of a team that involve many more professionals (makeup artist, stylist, photographer, casting directors, etc.).
    We consider essential the communication between the tutor and the model agency. Our modelling agency aims to train a small family, always respecting them and making sure that no other area of their life is harmed. We believe that studies are the first thing, so we will worry not to interfere with them and, of course, we want to be aware of your life and take care of your mood, health, happiness, etc.
    2. How does the industry work?
    When a brand needs to hire a child for their campaign, they contact with the creative team to develop the idea. The customer or producer contacts with the models agency and give us profiles of the models for each project. We, as an agency of models, select children who meet the required profile, we will notify the parents or legal guardian of the casting call and give you our professional advice. If you agree, we will then send your pictures and data.
    If the child is selected for the casting, we will contact parents to give them all the details of the test and ask them to confirm their attendance. Usually the call is made on short notice, so it is important to have flexible hours or a family member to take the kids to the casting.
    The days and timetables are set by the customer and can be in the morning or afternoon. Although we try to respect school schedules.

    2.1. Which photographs of the model are sent to customers?
    To work as a model it is essential to have present and quality photographs, as it is the first visual impact that the client will see, so the modeling agency will take a series of photographs.
    In the case of children, 4 pictures will be taken with a particular styling: white T- shirt and jeans, where the model is the real star of the picture, reflecting all his/her qualities and creating uniformity among our models.
    The measurement data of the model (height, clothing, footwear) must be updated every four months or so, depending on the child’s age and the image changes they experience during their growth. Also, the photographic material should be updated as the child grows.
    2.2. How does the casting go?
    A casting is a photographic or video evidence. Models are called into the room where the camera or casting photographer and the casting director will be.
    Except in the case of younger children, parents do not come into the room, so that the child pays full attention to the professionals involved, developing qualities at an early age: responsibility, care, etc.
    In the casting room you will always find a mark (a cross on the ground) where they will ask the children to be placed. Depending on the type of work, this test will be recorded or a photographer will take close-up photos, profiles and photos of the whole body and may ask them to interact in some way (making them walk or dance etc.) to see how the child gets on and while they make him/her questions such as “what is your name, what school do they go to, what agency they belong, to, what things they like”, etc. If the casting is for a television spot they can also give the child a text to read it out loud to them.
    Several situations may occur in the process of selecting a model:
    A) Once the customer receives the photographic material they can make the selection directly or they can make the candidate go to see them in person.
    B) There may be a second round of casting called “callback”.
    C) Sometimes they may put the model in “option”. The model is selected by the customer but is not definitive. The model is in standby, ensuring the availability of the model for these dates until the final selection is made. In this case, the model may not be selected and the final result may not be known until the day before the work. We know what it entails to be in “option”, so act quickly once we receive the information.
    It is possible that the casting director asks parents to sign authorizations so they can start processing the working permits. It is important to go to the castings with the necessary documentation.
    Castings are not paid nor for the model or for the agency that represents them.
    2.3. Legislation applicable to underage and required documentation.
    As they are underage, regulations are much stricter than usual, ensuring the special care they deserve as they are being introduced in the professional world.
    The administration requests a special documentation that must always be available and in force:
    – ID / Foreign Resident Identification Number of the child.
    – ID / Foreign Resident Identification Number of the parents.
    – Family book.
    – Number of affiliation to the Social Security: Essential to perform any professional activity. In case you are not a member, you must go to the Social Security Treasure office corresponding to your home, with all the original documents that have been listedd above and ask to be assigned a number from the Social Security Regime for artists. Health card is not required.
    – If the child is over 7, manuscript consent for their participation.
    2.4. If the child is selected in the casting.
    Once the child has been selected, the client / producer contacts with the model agency, and we contact the parents or legal guardians of the model.
    Sometimes the model once selected, would be called for the “fitting” that is the dress rehearsal for the look of the character.
    The next step is to manage the permissions on the Labor Department; (In the case of underage they are special ones). It is important to have all existing documents in order to make management as quick as possible.
    After obtaining a working permit, the producer will make the registration and the de-registration of the model generating a payroll of work.
    This is a sector in which the reaction time for these efforts must be fast and where last minute changes are frequent, so it is very important to reorganize as soon as possible.
    3. What is the role of the modeling agency?
    The agency is the intermediary between the model and the client. The model will have a single contact that will be us.
    We take care of finding the new faces from the world of fashion and advertising. When a model is selected by our agency, we arrange a meeting with the parents and child, where we get to know each other and we will extend all necessary information, we will discuss how we work and offer our professional opinion on the chances of the child as a model.
    In case we reach an agreement, an exclusive representation contract is signed. From that moment, we start with training and giving information to models. In the case of children, we describe to them in detail what will e casting sessions will be like, etc. so that they come in prepared and calm down.
    When a casting call arises in which the child fits, you will always be informed, offering our professional advice (taking into account aspects such as the pace of work which may involve that opportunity etc.).
    Our job is therefore, to coordinate the work that our candidates can aim for. We process the transfer of image rights, billing and statement of cash receipts, among other things.
    As a good modeling agency we dedicate in body and soul to promote our models to obtain the best options and jobs for them.
    In 5.0 management models we work in fashion, advertising, fashion shows, TV spot, etc.
    Our philosophy is based on respect, honesty, support, hard work and, of course, a passion for this profession. We are not satisfied with little, this is our commitment and sharing models that are part of our team. In short, ethics and professionalism with a good working environment.

    3.1. Why is it convenient to belong to a single modeling agency?
    In 5.0 models we only work under exclusive management. Parents or legal guardians, are free to accept this condition or not, but it will be essential to be part of our family. There are several reasons for this, such as:

    – Our philosophy is to seek for a close and very communicative relationship with all our candidates, having the ability to advise them about this world thanks to the detailed knowledge we have of the professional activity of child model, also assessing their school performance, their work rate in the particular time, etc. . We want to perform the best job and we believe this is the way to go.
    – Mutual respect between the agency and our candidates.
    – Each modeling agency has a different working policy and philosophy. We have established standards of image, as explained in the section “Photographs”. Your child can see its image damaged if the pictures that are sent to a casting call are not of good quality.
    -The reputation of the child and modeling agencies is damaged. The customer may encounter a problem if a child is called for a call by more than one agency unwittingly. In that case, the customer encounters problems when it comes to finding out which agency has presented the child first, etc. Logically, the client does not want more problems and even less problems which they should not confront. Vetoing access to future calls to cases that have been problematic.
    – Given this type of action, agencies eventually reject the model. Some take longer than others but that will be the final result.

    4. Remuneration
    To set the rates for each work there is a negotiation between the client and the modeling agency , representing the model in question. Always looking for the best deal for our models and their interests, with no remuneration tables set legally for such work.

    4.1. What is included in the rates established?
    Negotiated rates include remuneration for work performed. Sometimes they also include the remuneration associated with image rights. When not doing so they will be billed separately.
    4.2. What factors affect compensation for image rights?
    Compensation for image rights depends on several factors:
    – If the image of the model is fully recognizable or not.
    – If it appears alone at work or share the limelight with other models.
    – The duration of the campaign and, therefore, the time when the image of the model will be used.
    – The geographical scope of the campaign: that is, whether it will be an international campaign, the number of countries that will be used, etc.
    – What media campaign is aimed for. The different uses that will be made: catalogs, billboards, display, TV spot, etc.
    – If the campaign for any reason, undergoes expansion and choose to use media not included in the signed contract, these are negotiated between the client and the agency representative model. This extension will always be subject to the acceptance of it by the parent or legal guardian.
    4.3. How and what is billed in the case of the models?
    When the agency communicates with the models established rates, these are always gross amounts. So they must be taken into account fees and associated deductions:
    – All payments made by the agency by law are subject to a 24% withholding income tax in image rights. The modeling agency shall arrange for and pay on behalf of their client such withholding; delivering annually withholding certificate.
    – The Model agency will charge the model a commission of 20% for work performed. The castings are never paid. Not having to pay any kind of fee to be enrolled in the agency.
    4.4. What is the payment period?
    Our modeling agency will pay the models the services provided, immediately after receiving the payment by the seller or producer.
    This process can be lengthy, involving: client, advertising agency, production company (which can be national or international) etc.
    5.0 Models Management as a modeling agency is an intermediary between client and the model, we dont have to advance money to the model if the bill was not paid by the client to the agency.